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Hello, we are Bloor West Auto EuroMechanic!

Is your car showing signs of trouble? Is your vehicle not working correctly? Do you need maintenance services? Or maybe you want affordable, high-quality repair and maintenance services for your European car? Look no further than Bloor West EuroMechanic Auto!

Feel free to contact Bloor West Auto EuroMechanic for whatever your vehicle needs to perform correctly and offer a safe and smooth driving experience! 









Mississauga’s European Local Auto Repair Service

200+ Positive Reviews on Google

Bloor West Auto is a Mississauga auto repair service that offers 5-star quality auto repair and maintenance services for European cars. At Bloor West Auto, we believe in taking care of your vehicles’ repairs properly from the first time you visit our service. Our team of skilled technicians will fix your car in no time! 

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Vehicles Bloor West Auto EuroMechanic Service

If you own a European vehicle, you can come to our 5 star auto repair service located in Mississauga to find out why it isn’t working correctly and get it fixed. Our team of mechanics is specialized in fixing various European car models and can help you make sure you are safe on the road. 

BMW Repair

Our team includes experienced BMW technicians who can perform all types of services on your BMW, from BMW computerized diagnostics to oil service and engine tune-up and repairs.

Audi Repair

If you own an Audi that needs maintenance or repairs, our expert mechanics can help you. Our auto repair service is your affordable dealer alternative for all your Audi service needs.

Mercedes Repair

At Bloor West Auto EuroMechanic, we offer all Benz services your Mercedes vehicle might need. Is your Mercedes not working properly? Come see our experienced Mercedes mechanics.

Land Rover Repair

At Bloor West Auto EuroMechanic, we also have experienced technicians who are specialized in fixing other European cars like Land Rover and Mini Cooper.

Digital Inspections
360 Digital Inspection with each repair job. To ensure flawless service.
Your repair job is well documented and shared with you. Sent directly to your phone or email.
24-months/40,000 km standard in-house warranty. Quality part and service guaranteed.

European Car Repair Services We Offer

Need auto repair services in Mississauga? Look no further than Bloor West Auto EuroMechanic. We offer a wide range of auto repair and maintenance services that are designed to make sure your car works perfectly and keeps you safe on the road.

brake service toronto

Your car’s brake system is the most important safety feature. We make sure that the brake system is properly maintained and repaired to keep you safe on the road. 

car electrical service

Our auto repair service offers a comprehensive auto electrical diagnosis to identify if there’s any problem with your vehicle’s electrical or electronic system. 

buy tire toronto

Need to change or fix your tires and wheels? Come to our auto repair service and our expert mechanics will help you with that. 

transmission repair toronto

We make sure your transmission fluid is full and clean, and we perform transmission filter replacements for automatic or manual vehicles. 

oil change bmw audi

At Bloor West Auto EuroMechanic, we make sure that you keep your lube, oil, and filter up-to-date so that your car keeps driving smoothly. 

engine repair and maintenance

We offer comprehensive engine inspection and maintenance to make sure that you are safe on the road. Our team of expert mechanics will fix your broken engine. 

Why Choose Bloor West Auto EuroMechanic?

Is your car not working properly? Visit Bloor West Auto EuroMechanic auto service repair! We offer complete services, including road testing your car as well as performing diagnostics to determine your car’s problems. With Bloor West Auto EuroMechanic, you don’t waste time or money. We have skilled and trained specialists to help you. 

200+ 5 Star Reviews on Google

It's not just us saying that you should trust our high-quality services. You can read our 200+ 5-star reviews on Google from our satisfied customers.

European Car Specialists

Our mechanics are specialists in diagnosing issues with European cars and fixing them. You can trust our team of experts to fix your car problems.

Established in 1985

Bloor West Auto EuroMechanic has been established since 1985. We have decades of experience in fixing cars and making all our customers happy.

Trusted Full-Service Mechanic

We offer a wide range of services for whatever your European vehicle will need, be it maintenance or repairs.

Searching for “Vehicle Repair Shop Near Me? 

Are you looking for “vehicle repair shop near me”? Look no further than Bloor West Auto EuroMechanic located in Mississauga. We have a team of skilled and trained mechanics who will perform diagnostics to identify your car problems and fix them in no time. We offer a wide range of vehicle repair services, including electrical diagnosis, engine repair, transmission repair, and lube and oil changes. Whatever your car needs, we can help you with it. 

You can also trust our auto repair service for high-quality maintenance services. We check your vehicle and make sure that everything works perfectly, and you are safe while driving. Located at 1075 Queensway E #12A, Mississauga, ON L4Y 4C8, Canada come visit us today!

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