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At Bloor West Auto Tirecraft, we offer comprehensive diagnostics and tests to assess if your car is driving as safely and efficiently as possible. These tests help to determine whether your car is energy efficient and performing at the industry standard.

The manufacturers of motor vehicles are required to meet certain pollution control standards. These standards help to limit the environmental impact of your vehicle. Emission tests, or e-tests, have been developed to ensure that every car meets these environmentally-conscious standards

In Ontario, cars manufactured before a certain date require an emissions test before their license and registration can be renewed. Cars that have been improperly maintained waste more fuel and energy, and are therefore unlikely to pass an e-test.

At Bloor West Auto Tirecraft, we can perform an emissions test for your vehicle and make the necessary repairs to get your car driving up to industry standards. This will not only make your car more eco-friendly, it will also help you to drive more safely and efficiently, saving you money at the pumps and preventing accidents on the road. For complete e-tests and safety diagnostics, visit us today.